Advanced and Intermediate classes?

Drumming with Ray is a lot of fun and non competitive, but with this comes the challenge to improve and learn more about the rhythms, songs and culture of the music being played and the goal of stepping up to an intermediate class as you improve and gain more experience.
Intermediate classes are held in Fitzroy on Monday nights at 6.30 and 8pm Footscray on Wednesday nights at 6.30pm Brunswick on Thursday nights at 8pm.
Advanced classes are held in Footscray on Tuesday night at 8pm.
For more information and starting dates please contact Ray.


(mobile 0403 198 223)

Student testimonials

“I have known, learned from and performed with Ray over the last five years.
Rarely do you meet a musician who’s depth in theoretical knowledge matches his performance ability. I first met Ray at a show and drum workshop in Fremantle, Western Australia. At the time he was touring nationally with Master Ghanaian musician, Nii Tettey Tetteh. Since that first meeting I have continued to study under Ray and his teachings have helped me progress in my career as a musician and gain work with national touring bands.

I have found Ray’s teaching style to be uncomplicated and effective and he maintains the authenticity of the music. His knowledge of West African rhythms have been meticulously studied and performed in his travels to Ghana and surrounding countries over the last sixteen years. He continues his travel to Ghana through his involvement with the study tour held by the Ghana Drum School in Accra. I was part of the study tour in 2008 and it was one of the most interesting and rewarding experiences of my life.”

“Ray has the unique ability to translate the knowledge and experience he has gained through his years of study and performance in a fluid and uncomplicated manner. He maintains the authenticity of the rhythms that he teaches and passes on the philosophy and cultural context of their origin.”

Kanchana – Musician and Teacher.


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To find out more about African Drumming in Melbourne, Please contact Ray.